A man with a vision started as a street vender with extreme dedication in 1998. The idea Alldāz which means the beginning and ending of all fashion came for the CEO and president Curtis Chambers. Mr Chambers grew up in D.C. and captured immediate attention with his style and uniqueness of clothes. Mr Chambers is also premier promoter, who implements street promotions to enhance notoriety. Mr Chambers brought the existence of Alldāz to change simplicity of fashion. The clothing line has devoloped into a class of its own. The attire is to be recognized as classy yet sporty urban wear. The line Alldāz is for all ages and sizes of people who insist on not being ordinary. It changes not only your appearance but also your way of life. Curtis is always helping different organizations in need. Alldāz would definitely like to thank all the people and organizations that helped them along the way.